Andrew Hansen

I have worked hard, and sacrificed everything to make art a profession. Art is a powerful tool that is capable of enlightening viewers in a manner that is reflective of the surrounding culture. Below you can find out more about my artistic journey and the stories behind some of the work you may see in my portfolio.

Portrait Portfolio

My portrait portfolio showcases various projects created throughout my career. See my contact information below and get in touch.


Music, like visual art, is an expression of character. I have a passion for capturing the characters of some of the most talented, influential, and controversial musical artists from across all genres.


I draw inspiration from all places. Depicted here is a piece of maritime history that I was privileged to be a part of. Traditions and rituals help fasten bonds of friendship and brotherhood during tough months at sea.

A Study of Andrew

Anyone who has been through a Fine Arts program can tell you that mastering the self portrait is a rigorous and essential part of developing the needed skills to succeed. Not only does it help refine technique but it also is a representation of how the artists view themselves.

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I have followed countless diverse and peculiar routes in my life.  On these paths there have been two constants: Art and Obstacle. Artistic expression, has consistently served as my means of communicating with the world around me. As a child in the suburbs of Orange County, drawing was the only outlet where I felt focused and inspired. As fortunate as I was to grow up in a loving household in a beautiful city, there was always an internal struggle where I felt outcast.

My life in the city left much to be desired, I felt adrift.  Rebellious post high school behavior caused a brief spell of chaos between my family and I. Thinking I would anchor myself to something greater, I enlisted in the United States Navy.  Four challenging years were spent maintaining my identity while conforming to rigorous military standards. Any spare moment I had was spent with pencil in hand, sketching my way into more habitable mental climates.  My dog eared book of Sailor Jerry flash art served as inspiration when the grey dregs of ship life would become too consuming. In my portfolio you will find many scenes reflecting my time in the Navy and the traditions that I was a part of, also you will find pieces with direct inspiration from those long Sailor Jerry hours.

My family saw my enlistment as the beginning of a career, for me it was a means to an end.  They could not hide their disappointment when I announced that I would not re-enlist in the Navy and would instead brave the seas of academia.  The stability of my job as an F/A-18 mechanic would be cast away in the pursuit of a degree in a far more abstract endeavor: Art. It was hard transitioning from military to civilian life, after having every aspect of my life dictated for the last four years I was free to make my own decisions. In the past School had never been my strong point, I felt nervous about not doing well and giving up a lucrative career opportunity. The Navy helped me to establish an unbreakable drive, resulting in a perfect 4.0 GPA my first semester. My doubts were quickly washed away as I saw my academic potential excel my own expectations. With this new found confidence, I poured myself into every art project, just as I had done in the past. The difference this time was my ability to follow directions and create work based on prompts while utilizing my own creative instincts.

What People Say

Andrew is the greatest artist ever!

My Grammy

He is alright.

My Brother

Art is cool. But you were a jet mechanic…

My Dad

Let’s build something together.